26 Before 26.

The forecast for my 26th year shows that there will be quite a few milestone accomplishments to come. I will graduate with a MS in speech pathology, move back to my hometown,  find myself employed as a speech pathologist in the summer (hopefully), and move into a house of my own. The year will bring so much excitement yet, at the same time, moving back to my hometown also carries some reservations. I fear that I will grow stagnant. Become boring. And loose the determination I have manifested over the past few years. So in attempts to maintain fluidity in my life I have complied a list of “things” that I hope to accomplish before December 12th 2014. Some of the things are adventurous (hike half dome) and others are weird (try moon shine, roller blade in Santa Cruz, attend a dog show? o.k. a lot are weird…). And some might seem a bit boring but I knew I wouldn’t get to doing them if I didn’t visually place them somewhere to be crossed off.

*This list was inspired by Sarah at http://www.yesandyes.org/. Not gonna lie, one or two were directly snagged from her list… What can I say. She’s got great taste in adventure.

My list is still a work in progress. But here’s the start:

1. Try aerial yoga

2. Read “Tuesday’s with Morrie”

3. Stay the night in a tree house (thinking of this one)

4. Make homemade Siricha

5. Try “miracle berries”

6. Attend an opera

7.  Pay for the person behind me in line’s____.

8. Try Ethiopian food

9. Watch a live dog show

10. Go wine tasting.

11. Try moonshine

12. Bake with lavender

13. Make homemade wine

14. Hike half dome

15. Roller blade in Santa Cruz

16.  Participate in a community service project

17.  Attend a church of a different religion

18. Watch the following Grace Kelly films: The Country Girl, Bridges at Toko-Ri, Mogambo, and High Noon

19. Find a pen pal

20. Make homemade bagels

21. Watch all 6 seasons of Dawson’s Creek…. Which is just going add SO much insight to my life…I can tell already

22. Discover my go to cookie recipe

Can yah dig it? I am.



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