Weekend recap

I am so grateful for this past weekend. Ok, I am thankful for every weekend.  But this weekend seemed to accomplish the perfect relaxation-active balance that I hope for every weekend.

It started with a pedicure. Because I am really hopeful that this spring like weather will stay. PS my legs are very white. Sorry if this post blinds you.


Then I saw Frozen Friday night with some friends. Which WAS SO CUTE. Seriously. Go see it.


Saturday started off with a bang (HAH).


Then I made a pie.


And ended the night at the Almond Blossom Festival


Sunday I went to Murphy’s, the cutest little town in the foothills near where I live, with my parents and brothers. I need to remember this place because I kinda love it.


And it was warm enough that sandals made an appearance! Good thing that pedicure happened.


Not pictured was the bath I gave to my dog and the PRAXIS studying (yikes…) that I did….because those pictures would not be pretty.

Monday Linkage

Video: Jimmy Fallon Ragtime Gals do Remix to Ignition. He is a man of many talents.

Monte Cristo’s always make me want to go to Disneyland (the Blue Bayou’s was my favorite as a child) This recipe could be a good veg-friendly replacement.


Sweet new findings about elephants.

How happy is your state?

Not beautiful. 

Go ahead- feel awesome.

And I leave you with some dog adorableness!

Bagel Making

20. Make homemade bagels

This Sunday was: Cold. Rainy. Slow. Which equals perfect bagel making conditions. I read quite a few recipes trying to find the perfect way to cross off #20. I finally settled on this one, with a few ideas stolen from this one. The prepping process is much easier than I expected. In fact, I’m fairly sure that any kneading-capable person handle it. I wish I had some special knowledge to pass along or handy tricks to tell you about how to make these babes. But the only advice I can come up with is simply to MAKE them. And then to eat them as soon as they come out of the oven. Theres something about burning your hands and mouth in sacrifice for that perfect freshly baked bite that is just worth it. No?

photo3photo 5photo4 1

The process was as follows: Yeast rising. Kneading. Waiting. Separating and shpaing. Boiling dough – weird right? Egg wash. Toppings, I chose “everything”, cinnamon sugar, and poppy seed. Bake. Mouth burning first bite.

photo 6image2

Monday Linkage

A vending machine that vends salads? I am intrigued….


Now that California is finally getting some rain, I actually have a reason to purchase an umbrella.

I’m excited to see how Getty Images and Sheryl Sandberg’s collaboration turns out.

Go CVS! I know..I’m so not cool.

What do Dungeon’s and Dragon’s and Subway have in common? Azodicarbonamide! The recent discovery that Subway uses this chemical in their bread is making everyone flip especially due to the fact that it’s one of the key ingredients in yoga mats. Yes. I would flip too if I were Jared. Oh and DD yoga is now a thing.

Street art like this would only happen in Paris.

Champagne gummy bears? Ill take 14500098 boxes please.



Monday Linkage

Why are baby sloths so cute?

I love the Momofuku recipes I’ve tried in the past so I have high hopes for this banana cream pie.

My mom has a severe diet pepsi addiction. Really trying to get her to break it now that researchers are finding it is linked high levels of carcinogens and WILL KILL YOU. How silly we were before when we thought it was healthy and gave us super powers.

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. Eerily, I just watched a movie where his character gets murdered last night.

10 reasons I am happy to be doing what I’m doing.

I need one of these for when I travel to Lake Misurina and stay here.

Another reason to go hug your dog.

A “what career should you really have chosen?” quiz. Apparently I should have gone the astronaut route.

La Boheme

6. Attend an opera


This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the opera La Boheme. Initially an opera sounded like a great addition to “the list”, but as the show date drew nearer, I began to have a feeling of unease. This was probably because of the three hours of slow-paced Italian music that would soon transpire. Luckily, La Boheme is extremely opera-novice friendly. While the total time commitment was indeed three hours, it was divided into about 30-40 minutes of showtime broken up by two intermissions of about 15 minutes each. My prior conceptions of operas in general were that they were all sad, and accordingly, very serious. So I was surprised to find that La Boheme was actual somewhat of a comedy.

The story takes place in Paris in the early 1800’s. Rodolfo, the male lead, is a starving poet who lives in a crowded apartment with his artist friends. One night he chooses to stay in with his poetry while his friends go out. It is on this magical night that his neighbor, Mimi, comes to the door asking if he can “light her candle”. I know right. But this is a literal statement….It’s dark and she needs candle light. From that point on, the two fall madly in love and romp around Paris with Rodolfo’s friends and the risqué Musetta (my favorite character). Alas, the metaphoric side of the candle lighting comes about. It’s all very jovial and you almost forget that Mimi has consumption. But, it is an opera, and someone has to die. I won’t ruin it and tell you who. But… don’t forget…Mimi has consumption. We’ll leave it at that.

Fun facts:

  • La Boheme’s premiere was February 1st 1896. I saw it February 1st 2014.
  • The musical Rent is a modern interpretation of La Boheme.