Bagel Making

20. Make homemade bagels

This Sunday was: Cold. Rainy. Slow. Which equals perfect bagel making conditions. I read quite a few recipes trying to find the perfect way to cross off #20. I finally settled on this one, with a few ideas stolen from this one. The prepping process is much easier than I expected. In fact, I’m fairly sure that any kneading-capable person handle it. I wish I had some special knowledge to pass along or handy tricks to tell you about how to make these babes. But the only advice I can come up with is simply to MAKE them. And then to eat them as soon as they come out of the oven. Theres something about burning your hands and mouth in sacrifice for that perfect freshly baked bite that is just worth it. No?

photo3photo 5photo4 1

The process was as follows: Yeast rising. Kneading. Waiting. Separating and shpaing. Boiling dough – weird right? Egg wash. Toppings, I chose “everything”, cinnamon sugar, and poppy seed. Bake. Mouth burning first bite.

photo 6image2

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