Weekend recap

I am so grateful for this past weekend. Ok, I am thankful for every weekend.  But this weekend seemed to accomplish the perfect relaxation-active balance that I hope for every weekend.

It started with a pedicure. Because I am really hopeful that this spring like weather will stay. PS my legs are very white. Sorry if this post blinds you.


Then I saw Frozen Friday night with some friends. Which WAS SO CUTE. Seriously. Go see it.


Saturday started off with a bang (HAH).


Then I made a pie.


And ended the night at the Almond Blossom Festival


Sunday I went to Murphy’s, the cutest little town in the foothills near where I live, with my parents and brothers. I need to remember this place because I kinda love it.


And it was warm enough that sandals made an appearance! Good thing that pedicure happened.


Not pictured was the bath I gave to my dog and the PRAXIS studying (yikes…) that I did….because those pictures would not be pretty.

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