Monday Linkage

A great way to support those with Autism as Autism awareness month approaches. 

This cake. Holy smokes. And maybe some of these fudgy-wudgies. Because they are fun to say.

Cause I’m happyyyyyyyy. This study proves why.

Angie does yoga to help her train to be evil. 

Starbucks and Tevana, making Oprah tea, and starting to serve wine and beer

I’m kind of bummed this product has such poor reviews. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.

Want to volunteer or serve a good cause without leaving your house? Well, you can

I think I need to make this cauliflower fried rice ASAP.

“Thank you”. A brief but great reminder about the power of these words.

As I announced on twitter earlier this week. I just discovered my name has Shakespearean roots. I will now only be answering to “Lady Jessica”.


Have a splendid week!

2 thoughts on “Monday Linkage

  1. I have mixed feelings about the startbucks news… and not because I don’t drink- I just feel like it’ll change the atmosphere and I love the feel of a coffee shop when you walk in.

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