Monday Linkage

Lean in….but not too in.

Next up on my baking list.  

Have you heard that coffee dehydrates you? This study debunks common thought. 

Symmetric faces. Are they really that great?

Beer pairings for girl scout cookies. As if supporting the scouts wasn’t fun enough as it is. 

Kinda lusting after these.

This study proves what every dog owner already knew. 

A great post on judging. Definitely guilty.

On the prowl for soma dis

Monday Linkage

A vending machine that vends salads? I am intrigued….


Now that California is finally getting some rain, I actually have a reason to purchase an umbrella.

I’m excited to see how Getty Images and Sheryl Sandberg’s collaboration turns out.

Go CVS! I know..I’m so not cool.

What do Dungeon’s and Dragon’s and Subway have in common? Azodicarbonamide! The recent discovery that Subway uses this chemical in their bread is making everyone flip especially due to the fact that it’s one of the key ingredients in yoga mats. Yes. I would flip too if I were Jared. Oh and DD yoga is now a thing.

Street art like this would only happen in Paris.

Champagne gummy bears? Ill take 14500098 boxes please.



Monday Linkage

Why are baby sloths so cute?

I love the Momofuku recipes I’ve tried in the past so I have high hopes for this banana cream pie.

My mom has a severe diet pepsi addiction. Really trying to get her to break it now that researchers are finding it is linked high levels of carcinogens and WILL KILL YOU. How silly we were before when we thought it was healthy and gave us super powers.

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. Eerily, I just watched a movie where his character gets murdered last night.

10 reasons I am happy to be doing what I’m doing.

I need one of these for when I travel to Lake Misurina and stay here.

Another reason to go hug your dog.

A “what career should you really have chosen?” quiz. Apparently I should have gone the astronaut route.

Monday Linkage


What an inspiring couple. If you aren’t inspired then its likely your heart does not have the capacity to love. True fact.

This might be over played, but it will never cease to make me laugh.

A video of a baby goat playing. You are welcome. 

Could NBCs next remake be as big of an atrocity as The Sound of Music was? I hope not…

I just ordered these for my little brother who loves ketchup. Over priced? Yes. Worth it? TBD

 Trundle beds make me oddly nostalgic. Plus I had no idea how fun they were to say. 

Annnnnd lastly, I was already beginning to become a Bronco’s fan after this past weekend’s plalyoff game. This might just seal the deal. Namaste y’all.